One day inter-league 2018 ​dates 17th/18th, 24th and 25th February  at the Mid Sussex Conservative Club, Burgess Hill

​Sussex Masters 2018 ​ ​9th June and ​Sussex Open ​10th June at the Roffey Club.

Inter-League home and away Series 5 Fixtures 14th January 2018.

​Brighton A  v  Worthing B

​Hastings A  v  Redhill A

​Tunbridge Wells  v  Worthing A

Horsham  v  Brighton B

​Mid Sussex A  v  West Sussex

Redhill B  v  Littlehampton

​Brighton C  v  Lewes

​Hastings B  v  Mid Sussex B

​Bye   Worthing C

Sussex Doubles ​Saturday 6th January 2018 @ ​Mid Sussex Conservative Club ( now the Burgess Hill Constitutional Club )

​Sussex Singles ​Sunday 7th January 2018 @ ​Mid Sussex Conservative Club.

County and National ​News Page.

Updated 11th December 2017.

Worthing players in National events.

​​The Oxford Open was won by Keith Sheard, Martin Smith ​lost in the semi-final having beaten Colin Southousein the quarter final, ​Ian Lelliott and Phil Osbornealso  losing in the quarter finalist. Tony Cross won the plate, beating Curt Driver in the final.

Bournemouth pairs   ​were won by Phil Collins / Leon Beer,  Nigel Senior / Marcus Chipman were runners-up, Gareth Lloyd / Richard Wooton lost in the semi final, and Bob Hall / Jack Baden and Curt Driver / Mark Brewster lost in the Quarter Finals.

Specflue 4 pin Open  was won by Nigel Senior, ​Phil Osborne ​lost in the semi final.  ​Mal Spier was runner up in the plate.

​Surrey Open  ​Gareth Lloyd  ​loses in the final to Paul Sainsbury,  ​Mark James and Curt Driver ​lose in the semi-Finals, and ​Matt Knight and Jack Baden ​lose in the quarter finals. Well done to Jack on his first national quarter final, and in improving his personal best break twice on the day.

Guernsey.  Pairs ​were won by ​  Nigel Senior and Alan Brackenridge,   ​Ian Lelliott  and Kevin Tunstall lost in the semi - final,  Gary Powell and Colin Robbins lost in the quarter finals.

​The Open   ​was won by ​Nigel Senior ​to complete the double,  Curt Driver lost in the semi-final and Jean Brackenridge and Martin Cole lost in the Quarter finals.

Northants 4-Pin Open  ​was won by ​Phil Osborne ​ who did not drop a leg all day.

​Northants Open ​won by ​Curt Driver, ​Kevin Tunstall ​ lost in the semi final, and Nigel Senior and Mark James lost in the quarter finals.  In the plate Phil Osborne was runner-up.

Sussex Open  ​won by ​Kevin Tunstall ​the runner up was ​Ian Lelliot.  ​Nigel Senior and Matt Knight lost in the semi - finals, and Martin Smith and Gerry Fitzjohn lost in the quarter - finals.

​In the plate   Geoff Jukes ​was the winner, Chris Tupper lost in the semi-final, and Joe Oakley, Curt Driver and Jack Baden lost in the quarter-finals.

​Kent Classic 2nd July 2017. ​Was won by ​Curt Driver,  ​Gerry Fitzjohn and Phil Osborne lost in the semi-finals, and Nigel Senior in the quarter-finals.

​The ​Plate was won by ​Dave Ingram ​and Matt Knight was runner-up.

Bucks Open  ​was won by ​Nigel Senior, ​Gerry Fitzjohn lost in the semi final to Nigel, Kevin Tunstall, Phil Osborne and Jean Brackenridge lost in the quarter-finals.  ​Bob Hall won the plate.

Berks Open. ​ Was won by ​Dave Ingram ​and Ian Lelliott was runner - up, Phil Osborne and Tony Cross lost I  the quarter-finals.  ​Nigel Senior ​won the plate. 

County Championships. D​ivision One Sussex A runners-up, Sussex B 4th.

Team Championships.  Romans C are runners-up, Dave Ingram, Jim Millward, Gareth Lloyd, Henry Brooks and Geoff Jukes.

AEBBA Off the Spot ​was won by Jim Millward beating Nigel Senior in the final. Ian Leliott lost in the semi-final and Dave Ingram, Martin Cole and Gerry Fitzjohn all lost in the quarter-finals. Phil Osborne won the plate.

​AEBBA singles, Jim Greensted was runner-up and Jean Brackenridge won the ladies.

Jersey Doubles.  Kevin Tunstall and Martin Cole win, Gareth Lloyd and Richard Wooton are runners-up, Curt Driver and Mark Trafford, Jim Millward and Trevor Gallienne both lose in the semi-final, Gerry Fitzjohn and Mark Brewster lose in the quarter-finals.

Jersey Singles.  ​Kevin Tunstall ​is runner-up losing to Mark Trafford in the final, Dave Ingram loses in the semi-final and Nigel Senior in the quarter-finals.

​Grand Prix, under 30s and over 60s. Jim Millwardis runner-up in the Grand Prix and Nigel Senior and Curt Driverlose in the semi-finals.Jean Brackenbridge wins the Ladies Grand Prix.Joe Oakley is runner-up in the Under 30sIan Lelliott loses in the semi-final of the Over 60s.